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Children's fashion Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Children's fashion Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Children's fashion is a reflection of actual trends, represented by designers in fashion collections of clothes, shoes and accessories for adults. And loving parents always try to dress their babies or teenagers in beautiful and fashionable outfits.

Today more and more parents are interested in children's fashion. A variety of kids' clothes is amazing. Though it may seem quite easy to buy some clothes, but in fact, it's not so simple. Parents usually get confused in such a variety of clothes, and shopping becomes a real problem. Everything becomes even more complicated when parents try to keep up with actual trends. Some of them inquire the trends and go shopping even before the season starts. And for sure if you really want to keep up with fashion, you should be informed of all trends in advance. There is no doubt that once you are in the store, you will find there all the most fashionable and suitable things. You may also find good ornaments, earrings for girls for example. But one should not forget that sellers often try to sell old collections alongside new ones. To avoid this situation examine kids' fashion magazines and various articles on children's fashion.

Well, now let's talk about what will actually be fashionable in the upcoming season?

And designers came up with a great idea: what’s the point of creating something new, when you can just make adults’ fashion suitable for kids. Simple but great! Kids look absolutely amazing in such clothes!

Oh, these fashionable, different colors...

It seems that there are no borders at all in this autumn-winter season. Designers use all shades of gray, terracotta and lilac. Some could think that gray is completely out of place in a children's wardrobe. After all, it is something gloomy and completely incompatible with the constantly happy and bright state of the child. However, this is completely wrong, imagine pretty lively a combination of a gray raincoat and bright blue jeans!

Violet also finds its place this season: it can be found in cardigans, sweaters, jackets and dresses. And, of course, black is as relevant as always. As a rule, black color in is always a "highlight of the outfit" of both adults and children clothes. Orange and purple colors will also give certain uniqueness to the children's wardrobe. Plait patterns and strips are again in the center of children's fashion.

Floral Dress from Charabia Fall-Winter 2018 Collection  

Style is fashion...

Color khaki is really chic this autumn and winter. What's in common between kids and military style? However, the designers decided to use it, and we think it's very successful. After all, when the cold comes, the store shelves will be overflowed with winter jackets, jackets and coats all in military style. But the most interesting is that the clothes in this style are presented not only for the little hooligans, but also pretty fashionistas. Shops' windows will display skirts and cardigans in the style of military. Formal pants are also a trend of the autumn-winter season 2017- 2018.

Camouflage wear from MOSCHINO Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection

Jeans... always and everywhere

When children's jeans were out of fashion? It seems that they have always been in the first place in the wardrobe of our favorite children. This season jeans material is used in jackets, overalls, skirts, dresses... but with the effect of weariness, just like in adults' fashion.

Philipp Plein - Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection

Ah those hats...

Many children would happily exclude this attribute from their wardrobe, but unfortunately, it is not always possible, so one have to be pretty creative to convince  little mods of the need for this accessorize. In this case, designers decided to please both adults and children. On the one hand, the hats will be very warm, soft, comfortable, sewn from natural materials, and, on the other hand, they will be bright enough completed with various drawings so that even a hat-haters will have to admit its style. Hats this season will remain with the ears, so parents do not have to worry about the health of their kids. It's convenient and practical.

Quality on the first place...

Materials of children’s clothes are one of the main issues that parents are interested in. Of course, fabrics should be soft and be able to keep the heat. Manufacturers who bear full responsibility for their products use only natural materials.

But still, if you like the thing that contains synthetics, try to choose a model with a natural lining. Jersey, jeans, wool - all these fabrics will be widely used for children's clothes this season.

Warm Jacket and Trousers from Canadiens - Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection 

Everything else doesn't matter ...

Despite the fact that adult fashion is in the basis of kids' collections, children clothes do not look like an adult at all. Because almost every model will contain a note of childhood - beautiful prints of various cartoons, a variety of bows, rhinestones, embroideries, ruches, luxurious furs - all this will dilute a strict style of children's wardrobe. Children's clothes will be decorated with rivets, laces, zippers. But all winter clothes will look like in the North Pole, pictures with deers, snowflakes on sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves - all this will give the children's fashion a special significance.

It's up to parents to decide what their kids should wear.

Clothes should fit in size and make you happy - that it!

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