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Perfect Girls Dresses And Looks For Prom, Wedding Parties And Occasions

Perfect Girls Dresses And Looks For Prom, Wedding Parties And Occasions

Only the very best of dresses are befitting our little angels. Laying hands on the perfect dresses for various occasions like wedding parties, prom and special occasions might come with an itch. We at BOYS & GIRLS have taken our time to sort out various appropriate dresses to make every event a memorable one for your girl. We have dissected to bits every piece of tips you need, from ideas on what type of dresses to wear to what will go perfectly with it to give your girl that ravishing look.


Prom is one of the most memorable moments in a girl’s life which will live with her forever. Picking out the right cloth for the event might be a very daunting task for such girl. The problems associated with picking out a dress for prom roots from difficulties encountered in picking dresses that suites ones personality and style. What is worth doing, is worth doing well, putting this at the back of your mind that prom nights only comes once in a lifetime makes it worth the pain staking process of picking out the perfect dress. To make that most anticipated night of yours special and magical as you have always pictured, we have outlined cogent tips that will help you pick out best cloth that will give you that exceptional glow.

  • It is necessary to have a measurement of your hips, waistline and bust before attempting buy or make any dress. Fitting perfectly into your dress of choice is very essential.
  • Getting a dress that fits your shape and personality can never be over stressed.
  • Never wear a dress you don’t feel comfortable in. Your comfort is paramount as you don’t want to feel clumsy all through the event.

Here are few Lesy and MISCHKA AOKI dress designs from our online site that will add that undeniable spark and give a stunning look to your outfit.

Short and comfortable black outfit’s
Short, simple and comfortable black outfits are every girl’s favorite for prom. They give amazing looks to girls when properly worn with the right accessories. They are also very comfortable to dance in.  

Ballerina dresses
This outfit make you to stand out in particular as it has this hybrid look of making you to look not too formal or too informal. This unique characteristic has made it many girls favorite.

Sequined Hemlines
Sequined hemlines are one the most widely accepted styles girl rock to proms. It readily gives a gorgeous look any day anytime. If you’re contemplating if sequined hemlines will pull that magic you’re hoping for, it’s a go ahead from us. You will definitely look stunning in one of those.


Weddings are special occasions and memorable moments which will be remembered for a lifetime. Special dresses are therefore needed to commemorate occasions of this kind. We have arrays of lovely bridal dresses that will make the occasion one to remember. Also of paramount importance are accessories like clutch purses, fancy matching waist belt and fluffy feather hand fans that will add that Midas touch to her outfit. Below are styles and design that your girl can slay with for that wedding party;

Toddler floral bouquet embroidered dress

Your baby girl needs this stunning dress for that wedding party as the purple floral pattern will give her a royal beauty that can’t be overlooked. Comfort and elegance rarely comes in the same package but this dress as both.

Lesy Yellow Baby Girls Dress with Flowers

Pink Baby Doll 

these type of wedding dresses are specially designed for cute girls. The girls look like a baby doll in this type of outfits. Girls who wear this pink baby doll dresses to wedding parties will for sure steal the show. 

Lesy Girls Ceremony Tulle and Crystal Pink Girl Dress

Sleeveless crochet dresses with tiered tulle skirt

Looking for elegance in its simplest form? This is the dress for you. Your baby girl will definitely look stunning in this dress. One major reason to get this dress for your daughter is the level of comfort she will enjoy wearing it.


Occasions requiring new dresses fascinate little girls. They therefore always look forward to utilize those moment to get their dream dresses. We can make moment like this memorable by treating them to the very best of attire that would put a strain on your pocket. Dresses for special occasions are not like our everyday outfits, as the name suggests, they should be special as everyone one would look their best. Here are tips and guidelines that will help you select the best outfit that will give your girl that dazzling look for that special occasion you are planning for.

  • Little girls would pick comfort over style any day, it is therefore expedient to put their comfort in mind when picking out dresses for occasion for them.
  • Opt for age-appropriate silhouettes such as an empire waist with a sash that ties into a bow in the back.
  • Knee length dresses or longer should be picked out for evening occasions. Knee length dresses or above style are only appropriate for daytime occasions.
  • Ensure colors match when pairing accessories such as purses, barrette and tights with your girls’ dresses.

If still in doubt or confused about the perfect outfit, we shall run you through some of our exotic collection of dresses from renowned designer such as Lesy clothing’s and MISCHKA AOKI that will definitely inspire that glamorous look you’re sorting. Here are some of the selected few you might want to look into;

Floral printed mid-sleeve dresses that will bring out that royal look in your darling girl and leave a lasting touch of glamour thought the occasion.

Lesy’s soft pink dress with crystal belt will lit your daughter up and make her shine bright like a star. The simplicity and elegance of this dress will leave everyone who beholds her in awe of amusement.

Dress with short sleeves and round neckline top in gold lurex fabric. The skirt in soft gold tulle is wide and curled.

Navy blue pleated tulle full dress is an elegant dress appropriate for evening occasions. This types of dress will make your girl the talk of the night as she will dazzle with so much elegance and beauty. If you’re looking to jazz your baby girl up for that dinner you’ve been planning, this is the perfect dress to get.

Navy blue pleated tulle full dress for girls from Lesy with pink flowers floral dress handmade

Luxury long jacquard dress with voluminous tulle skirt was made to give your daughter an eternal look that will astonish you. It is amazingly light and comfortable making it every girls’ choice. Style is unique and will for sure make your girl standout.

Luxury Long Jacquard Dress with Voluminous Tulle Skirt. Luxury girl dress with a many layers of tulle skirt.

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