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Andrea Montelpare - kids children's shoes made in Italy, best quality, online boutique and outlet

Andrea Montelpare SpA is a point of reference in the international world of children’s footwear, and a leader in the luxury fashion sector. An Italian production company which is completely specialised in the creation of high-quality shoes, small masterpieces dedicated to young children, and which boasts a important portfolio, producing some of the best brands on the market. The style, the exceptional levels of manufacturing and the undeniable quality and fashionability of production are the main driving forces of the development of the company, which shows no signs of stopping. Development which consolidates tradition through a pronounced inclination towards evolution.

Very carefully-made childrens shoes – designed and made as an essential combination of style and comfort, research and tradition – enhance the displays of the most refined international Specialist Shops and Department Stores, from Europe to the United States, from Russia to Middle Eastern countries, to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Prestigious locations all around the world which lend more lustre to a continuously growing company, a tireless and proud ambassador for prestigious products that are "Made in Italy". Perfect for the most cosmopolitan and demanding clients who are simply used to choosing the best.

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