Since 2008 we have been importing high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories for babies, kids-children and teens from leading manufacturers worldwide, some of who have become reliable partners in fashion innovation in that time. However, it often proved simply impossible to get our customers everything they wanted. 
So BOYS & GIRLS decided to develop it's own, flexible product range.

BOYS & GIRLS stands for the supply of effective, comprehensive solutions with clothing of the highest quality and a stylish, modern and fashionable design. These comprehensive solutions begin with knowing our customers and understanding their needs. It is the result of intensive collaboration with our highly valued, innovative customers. We develop the products in our own innovation centres or at manufacturers at home or abroad, with BOYS & GIRLS being responsible for the final result.

Our retail stores offer customers the opportunity to see and experience our products. This "hands on" exposure can provide the customer with confidence in his choice of kids' and children's clothing, shoes and accessories.
Finally, BOYS & GIRLS stands for excellent customer support and trading services.