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Who is talking is an elegant woman, with an unforgettable smile and an intelligent glance. She is Imelde Bronzieri and she is a baby dressing designer. All mothers and babies know her. But not everybody knows her thoughts, even though she is not reserved. Everybody knows she has got two souls: manager and stylist. But people don’t know she has got some more souls: mother, granny, sister, friend, benefactress, successful woman with style and a great heart, as she is engaged in social affairs. She is loved all over the world, and known also for your collection MiMiSol, which stars and international people adore.

Her creativity has never been on holiday, starting from the foundation of I Pinco Pallino brand to the creation of MiMiSol in 2011. Always in the front line to fight against ordinariness and excess’ presumption. For her choosing clothes for children is an an education moment.

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