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It all started in 1983 when Franco Moschino left job as Gianni Versace illustrator and created brand with his own signature. This fashion label always has been considered as innovative and sometimes eccentric that was enough for success. Franco made himself and his brand worth of attention because of his social awareness campaigns and criticisms of the fashion industry.  After Franco death, creative director become Rossella Jardini and she’s still on that position. She manages to keep Moschino style profile and philosophy, based on pop culture, unchanged for 28 years.

Moschino unique style always surprises with its humor, eccentric and magical color pallet, all mixed with provocative attitude. It truly represent all that means to be "fashionable". Their collections are playing with material and shapes, but at the end every collection is girl dream - its sophisticate but different, classic but extravagant. There are beautiful candy colors and clothes that reminds us on cotton candy, it’s just "candylicious"!

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