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Winnie Aoki - founder of MISCHKA AOKI - Royal Girls Dresses

Winnie Aoki – the president and founder of the brand transferred her vision and passion for fashion into a unique venture of her very own. A high end couture collection for children. Inspired and named after her first daughter – Mischka Aoki.

Born in Indonesia and later relocating to Australia, where she met with her future husband and settled. Her love for fashion and luxury has always been very apparent in her daily lifestyle, making her a perfect person to create the most exceptional and luxurious design that comprise only the highest quality of materials.

In 2008 she had her first daughter Mischka. There isn’t any clothes at that time that she think was good enough for her daughter, clothes that represent style and luxury at the same time, and she started designing clothes for her daughter. This inspired her to start her new venture – MISCHKA AOKI.

MISCHKA AOKI - Luxury Dresses for Girls, Royal Wear

Known worldwide as “haute couture” for children, this luxe Australian label was launched in 2009 by Winnie Aoki. After the birth of her daughter, Aoki was inspired to create dresses that represented style and luxury which eventually led her to debut her first collection in Australia during Perth Fashion Week. 

An overwhelming response resulted in amazing success and phenomenal growth for the brand and within a few short years, Mischka Aoki has proven itself as the only true International luxury Couture brand for children and the collection is available in some of the world's most prestigious department stores including Harrods London, Bergdorf Goodman New York, Saks Fifth Ave Dubai & Bahrain, TsUM Russia, Harvey Nichols London & Kuwait. And with recently established Mischka Aoki offices in London, Paris and Milan, it has since enabled the brand to further extend its global reach throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Recognized as an international luxury brand for children, Mischka Aoki's designs can be seen on royal families worldwide as well as Hollywood’s mini red carpet and fashion celebrities.

Winnie Aoki says:

I think it is important to be true to what you love; that’s the only way you will create something unique. I have always loved and appreciated the intricate details and craftsmanship in couture fashion. The freedom to create something individually unique, exploring different techniques, processes and fabrics and the ability to concentrate on creating something beautiful is of most importance to me. Those who buy Mischka Aoki know they are buying a beautifully created, meticulously crafted, exceptional quality and one of a kind pieces.

Mischka Aoki sources their materials from all around the world, which most of them are from European countries. Aoki's Team makes a researches and travels all across the different part of the world to seek only the best material, while for some of the limited pieces they fabricated the materials in-house, this makes them very exclusive.

Mischka Aoki is not for everyone. Mischka Aoki is a premium luxury label for children. Consumers of this brand are fashion and design conscious people, with high disposable income and they are part of the in-crowd. When people buy Mischka Aoki they are buying exclusivity, luxury and unparalleled characteristic.

Average price for dresses starts from US$1,500, while for the limited edition pieces it starts from US$ 8,000 up to US$ 20,000. Also, Mischka Aoki provides special customisation of dresses. For the customised one of a kind pieces the price will be more, which will be priced depend on the level of customisation required.

Each and every Mischka Aoki dress is a unique form immersed in intricate detail, exquisite fabrics and a carefully thought composition of colours. Shop this amazing collection based in a palette of soft neutrals from peachy coral to luxurious ice blue to forest greens, with accents of mystical gold and silver.

Mischka Aoki offers something very unique and original - ready to wear Haute Couture dresses (which no brand have successfully achieved) which have been made adopting Haute Couture techniques, but available in regular standard sizing, eliminating months of waiting times. There is a niche of people who appreciate the fine detailing and time that goes into designing and creating these dresses and Aoki wants to make it more accessible for the childrenswear market.

MISCHKA AOKI - Spring-Summer 2016 collection - Luxury Royal Girls Dresses